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HR For the 21st Century

What does being different mean in the 21st century mean when it comes to engaging employees?  It means understanding and working in a new normal.  As executives or business owners, it’s about embracing new ways of managing, leading and engaging employees.  These new ways may appear different from the past, but are needed to gain the level of performance required to achieve your goals and objectives.

How does an executive or business owner manage the expectations of employees who expect ‘different’? Pauline dedicates her Human Resources practice to navigating what HR systems, processes and guidance need to be in place to build a productive foundation for your business.

Working together Pauline will help your team determine pragmatic and practical solutions for businesses that don’t have HR, have an HR department but need support, or have a specific situation or project and need outside expertise to determine:

  • Which current processes are working and those that need improvement.
  • How your ideal vision will be properly communicated and practically implemented.
  • Which tools or programs need to be implemented to increase employees’ performance.
  • Effective communication strategies for all key stakeholders.
  • The key indicators that can be specifically measured.

Globally, all industries are experiencing some level of corporate change. It doesn’t matter if your company is growing or shrinking, change and the business disruption they cause are the norm.  Significant changes in your organization will affect employee engagement and performance.  Pauline is an expert who proactively and effectively helps executives and business owners lead their employees through corporate changes.

Why do today’s companies need to focus on employee engagement? Why should employee performance and engagement be equally as important as your company’s financials?

According to Wikipedia, an “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests.

If your company doesn’t have a plan for maintaining employee engagement through corporate change, the costs to that organization, are real and measurable:

  • The loss of employees and the loss of corporate intelligence and experience that result
  • The unpredictable cost of recruitment to replace and train employees.
  • Decrease or interruption in employee productivity that negatively impacts your services, clients, vendors and bottom line.

Pauline helps create better working environments so that employees are acknowledged, engaged and most importantly, are productive.  Pauline is passionate about assisting executives and business owners who are experiencing significant change in their organization such as:

  • a merger, acquisition or divestiture.
  • corporate restructuring.
  • navigating growth in down economies.
  • change of command.
  • establishing a new normal.

and need support in:

  • setting new goals and deliverables.
  • navigating employees through change or disruption.
  • keeping good/productive employees.
  • ensuring employees continue to perform effectively/efficiently.

Over the last 15 years, she has developed a diverse portfolio of customized tools and strategies that have had significant influence and proven results in guiding employees through any level of change.  Pauline provides objectivity, new insights and recommendations that will align with your corporate vision and values.

Working Together is a 4 Step Process

Step 1

Interview executives or business owners to identify what support is needed to increase employee engagement and performance and agreeing on the desired outcome and deliverables.

Preparation of a thorough assessment and written report that details areas where employee engagement and productivity can be improved.

Step 2

Development of Your Customized Plan – The plan will identify the specific tools and interventions required for to achieve the agreed upon outcomes.

Step 3

Monthly Check-in Meetings – meet with your respective team monthly for a period of 12 months to ensure that your program is integrated and working effectively and to ensure momentum is maintained.

Step 4

Close-Out Meeting – Every success needs to be celebrated.  A closeout meeting will be held at the end of the project to review the success of the project and determine any follow up or next steps required.

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