Pauline Greenidge


Pauline is a natural, engaging and compelling speaker. She combines humour, business insights and analogies and story telling in her delivery. Her diverse industry HR experience in education, manufacturing, professional services and oil and gas provide her with a wealth of knowledge, insights and wisdom that will benefit all audiences.

Speaking Topics
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  1. Are You Ready for the Good Times Ahead – Getting Energized and Re-Focused for The New Normal – Global business is moving forward from recession to recovery and stepping into a new normal.  As a Human Resources leader, with a continuous focus on managing costs and continuous change, have you made a plan to move forward and shape the new normal for employees?  Pauline invites the audience to take a moment to step back and consider how they will prepare for the good times ahead in their organizations by:• Defining the New Normal For Employees
    • Re-Establishing Trust to Accelerate Employee Engagement and Productivity
  1. Setting the Table for Employee Engagement – When we set the table for our guests, we are letting them know what we are about to serve them. Using the Setting the Table analogy from her recent book A Grand Dinner Party, Pauline shares how by using purposeful planning, business owners or executives can ensure their employees are ready to engage in, and support their company’s change initiative(s).
  1. Using a Mindset of Employee Invitation – Doesn’t it feel great to be invited? A Mindset of Invitation is about honouring your employees and their contributions for better results.  If your employees don’t feel invited, your company’s goals and outcomes will be left to chance.  A Mindset of Invitation details some of most important concepts an executive or a business owner can use to build the foundation of trust and commitment for outstanding employee engagement.
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As the owner of Greenidge Consulting, Pauline is passionate about helping organizations define and create positive and effective workplaces.

Pauline is a natural, engaging and compelling speaker. She combines humour, business insights and analogies in her delivery.  Combined with her diverse industry HR experience in education, manufacturing, professional services and oil and gas, she shares her wealth of knowledge, insights and wisdom that can benefit any audience.

As the author of A Grand Dinner Party – Setting the Table for Employee Engagement Through Mergers and Acquisitions, she shares her experience of one of the largest energy mergers in Canadian history and her insights on how to better engage and retain employees during a merger or acquisition.

Pauline holds a Chartered Professional in Human Resources designation from the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations and a Bachelor of Arts degree.


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Audio Visual

Audio Visual Requirements for Pauline Greenidge — Information For Speaker’s Bureaus

Pauline takes pride in creating engaging and interesting presentations.  A high quality projector and large screen need to be available for Pauline’s presentations to enhance and support the entire experience for participants.

Audio Visual — For groups of less than 250 participants

  • A cordless lapel microphone or microphone and podium
  • LCD high power projector; Pauline will bring a Mac computer with her slide presentation on it; she has the necessary adaptors to make any conversion.
  • Pauline requires an audio hook up so that sound can be played through his computer for part of her presentation.
  • A large screen.
  • Table at the front for laptop computer and other equipment.
  • If the event is longer than a half day, please set the room up with round tables.
  • A minimum of 60 minutes of setup and run-through time in advance of the presentation is required to test the audio-visual system.

Audio Visual – For groups greater than 250 participants

  • AV must be specifically tailored to the venue – for example, AV may need to be upgraded for a larger group, along with a larger venue; two screens may be needed and an upgraded sound system may be required.

Note: No event can be recorded without Pauline’s written permission.

Merchandise Sales

Many participants will appreciate having an opportunity to purchase Pauline’s book. Please have a table set up at the back of the room for Pauline’s book. A volunteer to assist is greatly appreciated: volunteer(s) will receive a complimentary book for their time.